Messy Monday: Wrestling With Doubt

It seemed like a normal Sunday morning for me two Sundays ago.  I woke up late, rushed to get ready, fought with the dog to go potty, fussed at my husband, grabbed my bible, got in the car, and rushed off to worship the Lord in a complete frazzle.  We sat in our usual spot and with a deep breath I tried to steady myself for service.  I’m so thankful that church starts with worship.  Otherwise, many Sundays my heart wouldn’t be in the right place to receive the Word!

As our connections Pastor, Justin Harris, began to speak I was really excited.  Hands down, that man knows the Word and his teachings are always on point…and that morning was no different!  His message had a point and it felt like it was directed right at me!  I was totally okay until he said, “Probably many of us, if we are honest this morning, have spiritual doubts of some kind.” Continue reading “Messy Monday: Wrestling With Doubt”