About Me!

I have written and rewritten this little blurb about myself more than I ought.  I think to myself “What do others really want to know about me?”  “What is really important for people to know?”  “What is the truth about me?”  All I could think to do was make a list….so here it is:

A. I am a Christian.  I have been saved for 23 years, but fully surrendered to Christ for 15.  I believe Christ is the only way, the only truth, the only life in which we are to be saved.  God’s Word, the bible, is infallible.  For the last 15 years, I have read and studied the Word of God and have grown to treasure the truth I find within its pages.  I am passionate about discipleship and I want everyone to fall in love with truth and the Holy Spirit of God.

B. I am a Baptist.  Never in 23 years would I ever imagine myself declaring this truth.  LOL!  This is a joke among my friends and I.  I have spent 21 years of my Christian life attending Charismatic churches.  Almost 2 years ago the Lord led my husband and I to First Baptist Church of Dallas, Ga. Our Pastor jokes that I am on the Deacon’s list and they will tackle me if I start running the aisles!  I have found a fondness and freedom since attending this church.  Truth is preached and the gospel is shared.  I have also come to admire and appreciate hymns and often find myself singing them within the privacy of my worship time with the Lord.

C. I am a writer.  I have always had a desire to write, even as a small girl.  I remember the first diary my mother bought me for my 7th birthday.  I loved to journal my life…to tell of the adventures I went on, the emotions I felt, the difficulties I faced, and the joys I remembered.  Sitting under my writing desk is a big Rubbermaid tub full of journals I have written going as far back as 1997.  Although I have always loved to write, I didn’t recognize the gift that the Holy Spirit gave me until 5 years ago when I wrote a short story for a writing contest.  It was published in an anthology of short stories and I felt accomplished.  However, that accomplishment caused me to long for more.  I began this blog almost 5 years ago to satisfy that longing to share my life with others.

D. I am messy!  Life here on earth has caused some pretty deep wounds that have turned into ugly scars.  I have, on too many occasions, scraped my knees into a bloody mess trying to figure out where and how life and God’s Word meet and mesh.  I have become stained with the dirt of life as I have went through the valleys.  I have also been washed by the flowing waterfalls on the peaks of great joy.  I am real.  I have experienced life’s messiness…and much of its joys.

2 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Praise God Cherie, sounds like you live a life worth serving 🙂 I am especially happy that your family has stuck together through all of life’s issues. Please consider stopping by and writing a little at the website I just started up. I’m sure many would be encouraged by your story. Take care my sister in Christ and may God continue to bless you! -Scott

  2. Hi Cherie, your story sounds a lot like mine. My name is Dave and I’ve been married 26 years to a wonderful godly woman and have three sons – all in college now. I love to discuss the Bible and all things Christian. Don’t have too much time these days though working long hours but praise God I have a job. Lately I’ve been looking around Facebook for pages and people to meet who like to discuss God, the Bible, and current events (birth pangs all over the place!). On Facebook I use the name John Threesixteen. People like you and your love for family and God inspire me! God Bless.

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