In the Midst of the Mundane

Today is a very special day for me.  In my every day mundane life, a sinner was saved.  In that very moment the ordinary became extraordinary.  The common became uncommon.  The usual became unusual.  I played a part in God’s story for the redemption of the world.  If I sit here long enough and ponder that last sentence, I may very well end up a messy heap of tears on the floor.

My day started, as usual, with a cup of coffee.  I had set out to straighten up the house and get some writing done before lunch.  After lunch, I planned to spend the rest of my time writing and editing.  I had forgotten to reply back to a text I received from a young lady whom I absolutely adore.  I’ve known her for almost 5 years and have shared my testimony and the gospel with her on several occasions.  Over the last 5 years I have grown to love this girl like a daughter and my heart ached because of her story.

I replied back to her text and we chatted about our summer break.  Before school had let out last year I asked her a question that she never did get around to answering.  Through our text conversation I reminded her of the unanswered question.  Of course, like most teenagers, she had forgotten what it was.  I asked her again, “Are you ready to give your life to Christ?”  That question sent us on a conversation that neither of us were unfamiliar with.  We had spent hours during the previous school year talking about the Lord, about life, about sin, about forgiveness, about homosexuality, about drugs, about God’s love, and so forth and so on.

She was asking me very valid and real questions through text and I had so much to share that texting could not do my heart justice.  My fingers couldn’t move as fast as my heart wanted to pour out to her.  I called her and after twenty minutes of conversation she said, “I’m ready”.  I explained, through tears streaming down my cheeks, what it meant to be saved and asked her to make a confession and profession of faith.  She did so and we ended our conversation in prayer.

After we got off the phone, I began to straighten up the house.  As I knelt down over the dirty litter box I cried and thanked God for her salvation and the opportunity to be a part of bringing her to Him.  I live for those moments…those moments where God shows up in the ordinary, where God moves in the mundane, where in the midst of the every day a sinner is saved.

That is our purpose.  That is our calling.  To love God with everything in us and to make Him known to others.  Even in the mundane…even in the every day…no matter what that looks like to you.  God wants to use your everyday, your ordinary, your normal lives and bring Him much glory.

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