A Typo Text to Encourage My Heart…

Every morning I text my 15 yr old son, who lives with his daddy, and tell him good morning.  We exchange “love you’s” and “have a good day”.

This particular morning…in the midst of another rainy day, I was feeling a little down and frustrated with a situation I’ve been facing.  Little did my son know that his typo in his text would cause an attitude change in my heart as well as this blog post!

Almost immediately after reading his typo text of “Okay thanks mom you have a god day to”, my heart melted.  Have a God day…that’s what I needed.  I needed a God day.

A day to spend with my Savior, my Helper, my Provider, my Peace.  A day to just lay everything…every bit of frustration, sadness, loneliness, every want, every heartache at the foot of the One who absolutely cares about it all.  I needed a God day.

Although today, I don’t have a specific scripture or verse that I am focusing on…even though I could find one to go along with this post to make it more “spiritual”….I’m opting to just focus on having a God day.

Whatever that would mean to you, have a God day!

Whether it would be to:

Read your bible

Focus on a certain scripture



Share a good laugh over a cup of coffee

Encourage a friend

Lay it all down

Walk away

Embrace someone you care about

Whatever it may be, let us have a God day…today and every day!

Bless you all~Cherie



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