The Greatest Opportunity Comes in Inconvenience…

Since moving, I have been trying to get into my new routine.  Each morning, I start my day with going to the near by park for a walk.  Needless to say, that is after I sit and have a few cups of coffee!  Today was one of those days that I had a lot on my list to do and didn’t need to waste any time.  So I headed out earlier than usual for my walk.

When I got to the park I had earphones in hand and Pandora Radio pulled up on my phone.  I plugged in my worship music and started with a brisk walk as I prayed.  I prayed for my loved ones and my friends.  I prayed for the new friends I met.  Then I prayed for myself.  I prayed that God would use me in the community to be a light and hope for the hurting.  I said my Amen and started my second lap with spurts of sprints from one tree to another. (My legs are killing me by the way!)

When I got to the place where I began, I sat on a bench and did some sit ups and rested for a minute to catch my breath.  I had one lap to go then I could tackle the rest of what was on my to-do list.  As I sat there laying down an older lady came walking up and sat on the bench next to me.  I sat up, took my headphones out of my ear, and smiled at her and said “Hi”

My intentions with being cordial was not to provoke a lengthy conversation, in fact I wanted to get up and start my 3rd and final lap.  However, she began talking small talk…and as my flesh wanted to scream, “O.K. lady…do you not understand that I have a long list of things to do!?”,  She began to pour out her heart about the health issues that she has been having.  Not only that, but she began to talk about the pain that she had been carrying for the last 15 years of her marriage .  This woman was trusting and pouring out her heart to me and all I was concerned about was the bathrooms I needed to clean and phone calls I had to make.  How SELFISH of me!!

As I sat there listening, I felt the Holy Spirit whisper…”Are your messy bathrooms more important than this woman’s messy heart?”  Talk about conviction!!  Not only that…remember I had just prayed that God would use me to be a light and hope in the community.  With great conviction and repentance in my heart God began to give me a deep compassion for this woman.

As God’s compassion for this woman flooded my heart….I looked into her eyes and saw… in a way I have never seen before in a person…the pain emanating from her heart.  It was almost like if I looked too long, I would actually feel the pain myself.  It was real, right there in front of me, revealing itself.  It brought me to grieve for this woman.

When she was finished talking, I moved closer to her and asked if I could pray with her.  I wrapped my arms around her and right there in the park I cried out to God for healing on this woman’s behalf.

What an opportunity I would have by-passed if I would have stuck to my list!  God gave me the opportunity to see a woman’s soul, He granted me the privilege of feeling His heart for this woman, and I was able to share the gospel with her in a way that was real and tangible.

How many times have we missed out great opportunities to share Christ’s love with the hurting and hopeless because we weren’t willing to be inconvenienced?  There are opportunities daily to share who Christ is…and I’m not just talking about sharing the gospel message….I’m talking about BEINGthe gospel message.  Christ’s hands and heart extended to those around us.  There are people all around us who are hurting, lost, and hopeless who need the love of Christ to flood those broken places.  Take the time today and everyday to be inconvenienced by the Holy Spirit.  Allow Him to bring people across your path who’s hearts are messy and are much more important than messy bathrooms.

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