Keeping In Step with My Dad

Galatians 5:25

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit”

Are there ever times when a certain smell, or taste triggers a childhood memory? How about a scripture? Today as I grabbed a cup of coffee (with almond joy creamer…yummy!) and sat down with God’s Word, and I flipped open to Galatians 5:25.

As I read this short verse, the memory of going to the mall with my parents as a young child flooded my senses. I remembered the smells of Orange Julius, Cinnabon, Famous Amos Cookies, and Seeds N’ Things. Oh, how my mouth would water!

I remembered the Sears where I saw Winnie the Pooh, (who was really a guy in a suit…but I didn’t know that at the time!), and how my brother lifted me up to say hi; and all I could do was hit Winnie on his nose! I remembered all the shops I wanted to go into but couldn’t because we were blazing past people as we tried to keep up with my father!

My dad was the type of guy who did NOT go window shopping! If we needed to go to the mall, we were in and out of there within the hour. We usually only went to the mall when my dad needed to go to Sears. And it seemed as if we went to Sears for everything!

If my brothers needed jeans…Sears. If we needed underwear…Sears. If my dad needed auto parts…Sears. If we took a family portrait…Sears. It was the stop all, shop all for my dad. I didn’t hate Sears so much as I hated having to walk through the mall with my dad. He walked REALLY fast!

We learned very early in life that if we didn’t want to get lost, we better keep in step with my dad. We would hold onto his shirt and he would lead us through the crowded mall like a ninja, stealthily weaving in and out of the throng of people.

I often would find myself not looking at where we were going or who we were passing, nor would I look at all the shops I longed to enter…but my eyes were fixed on my father’s feet. If he stepped to the right, I stepped to the right. If he pivoted to the left, I did the same. I learned my father’s steps, and not only learned them…but followed them. In my father’s steps, I knew we would arrive safely…to Sears!

If we live by the Spirit, we too must keep in step with the Spirit. We must train our eyes to follow the footing of the Holy Spirit…if he steps to the right, we must follow. If He pivots left…we should do the same. God’s plan for us doesn’t just play itself out…His destiny for us doesn’t just fall into our laps one day. It comes as we are guided along by the Holy Spirit, and as we strategically fix our eyes on His footing…and follow Him.

Lord, I pray today that my eyes would be fixed on your feet.  Guide me in your ways Lord, and let me keep in step with where you are leading me.  I pray my focus would not be on the distractions of this world, but on Your Spirit Oh Lord.  ~Amen

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