Studying the Bible…Let’s Tear Down Walls

Have you ever had those God appointments where you had no idea that God was going to set you at the right time, at the right place?  I had one of those moments this past weekend….

Every other weekend I travel about 35 miles North of where I live to work a part time job taking care of a friend who has cerebral palsy.  This particular weekend there were signs every where telling everyone that there was going to be an Art Festival.  I was really excited because I am always looking for different things to explore and different place to go with my friend I hang out with it.

Little did I know that this art festival was not just paintings and crafts….it also included literary arts!  As my friend and I entered the festival, we stopped by a booth to talk to these ladies who were under a tent promoting the books they have written.  We stood there talking for a while and almost immediately I knew this was a God appointment!

Of course….as a social media butterfly….I found my new friends on facebook.  One of the ladies, Susan Browning Schulz, has a blog that she writes.  She blogged a devotion today that I think is worth reading for anyone who is searching for a new way to read God’s Word or in need of some walls between you and God torn down.

I hope you enjoy the post…to read it click here!

In Christ,


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