Messy Monday!

I am officially declaring today Messy Monday!

It all started when I woke up this morning, before my feet even hit the floor.  My eyes fluttered open and I stretched my weary arms and looked over to my clock.  Oh My Gosh!!….it was 8:30!  I should have been at work fifteen minutes ago!  I quickly tore the covers off and stood up…which caused a bit of a head rush.  I had to brace myself on the cool wall before I face planted on the floor.

I scrambled around to find my phone so I could call work and humbly tell them the truth that I didn’t wake up with my alarm.  How Embarrassing!!  I frantically got ready!  For time sake, I didn’t wash my hair when I showered…I put my hair in a bun…which resulted in unruly gray hairs sticking in all sorts of directions.  No amount of hair spray could tame those pesky, wiry ugly things!

Worse of all….I was not able to sit with Jesus and have my coffee.

As if that wasn’t frustrating enough…I seemed I put on the most uncomfortable clothes I could find in my wardrobe!  I started to head out the door and realized I forgot my coffee.  I headed to the kitchen and quickly poured myself a cup which spilled over on the counter.  I added my creamer and headed out the door with out cleaning up my mess.

With uncomfortable clothes, plastered hair, wiry gray hair poking out everywhere, and a sticky coffee cup…I headed into work.  I was mentally beating myself up on the drive there…giving myself what-for about waking up late.  I should have went to bed earlier, I should have woke up with my alarm, I should have been more disciplined, I should have this….I should have that!  Argh!  Of course, that didn’t help anything!

I walked through the parking lot of work feeling ugly, unprepared, frazzled, and defeated.  When I reached the door, I felt a slight push on the door of my heart. “Is anyone there?”  the still small voice asked gently.  “Yes Lord, I’m here” my heart whispered back.  “Just let it go…” the voice spoke again.  ”  At that, my heart melted and I almost started crying.  Even in the midst of our most ugliest, most frustrating, most uncomfortable,  most sticky situations….Christ is standing at the door of our heart and whispering the sweet reminder to give it all to him.

1 Peter 5:7 says

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

As I stood there at the front door with a grip on the handle…I had a decision to make…a choice that could alter the entire course of my day…would I throw my mess on Jesus and let him carry it for me?  I quickly made my decision and walked into work feeling a bit lighter and a lot more thankful.

Have you had a Messy Monday?

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