Let Me Get Away!

There are times in my life when I need to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life…just escape.  Escape from the noise, the demands, the desires…just get away from it all.  Jesus did this too…He would often find a place to go that was quiet and pray.  This weekend, I had the opportunity to steal away for a few hours and just listen. During these times I always take along a notepad or my laptop so I can write down any inspiration that may come.  I haven’t written poetry in a long time…and these words came to my soul.  I hope you enjoy!


Truly the sounds of the birds awaken the soul.  Praise fluttering about through the trees.  The wind blows and my soul rejoices in the senses of my being.  Oh praise be to The One who has created all things.  His    majesty is shown in the strong towering trees, limbs reaching their way to the Heavens.  Their leaves rustle about, basking in the glory of the sun.  How could anyone deny His Glory?  Even the blades of grass stretch their fingers in praise to the Most High.  Oh, if I could just stay in this forever, soaking in the Glory He has made.  Oh how my soul longs for His presence.  In this busy world we rarely take the time to look up.  Just a glimpse of the painting that is set before us can captivate a dying soul.  The canvas of the Painters hand is fresh each morning.

The brilliance of the colors He uses,can it not satisfy a hungry soul?  For His canvas is the Heaven’s and His brush is love.  His love is painted in the riches blues.  He strokes the Heavens with swirls of white and my soul is at rest.  My soul longs for the day when I will lay down to rest for all of eternity.  That day will be a glorious one.  For in that day my soul will see the full presence of the One who paints life’s most beautiful pictures.

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