Quit Faking It!

Read Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

I think Solomon pretty much covered it all when he wrote these eight verses in Ecclesiastes. There is a time for everything.

My question to you is simple: Why do we, as Christians, put on a front to the world; tricking them into believing that we have it all together because we’re Christians?

I know under the circumstances that I am in right now….I DO NOT have it all together. I am hurting, I’m angry, I’m bitter, I’m scared, I’m worried and I often feel less like a Christian as I go through this season in my life. However, I know from Ecclesiastes that what I am going through is just for a time. I won’t stay where I am at…for the simple, and yet such complex fact that I have Christ in my life. I am in a season, a time. A time of mourning, of uprooting, of weeping, of tearing down, and of building up. I am in a time of searching, of mending, of healing, and of speaking up.

I am in a time…and during this time what can I do to exemplify Christ when I feel so “unlike” Christ? Do I “fake it till I make it”? Pretend that I have it all together so everyone will think I am a “good” Christian? No…that’s the last thing Christ would have me do. The answer came quickly as I read those eight verses…BE REAL. There are people in your sphere of influence, like mine, that are needing us to be real under the “time” that we face. They don’t need another sermon, or another invite to church. They don’t need to be told they need Jesus (btw…they probably already know that). They need the real-ness of Christ to be shown to them. They need to know that they are not alone in their hurt and pain.

Now, I’m not giving you permission to go spread your junk around. There is a time and place for that (which comes at the feet of Jesus then over a latte with your good friend). What I am saying is, be real with those who share their life with you or those who you know are hurting. Let them know that you can empathize with their hurt, frustration, pain, or situation.

The bible clearly states in Ecclesiastes that life is full of ups and downs and sideways spirals…let’s stop pretending that it’s not. Let’s start being real and when God puts others in our paths that need the hope that we carry within us…let’s give it to them. When we show the hurting world that there are times when we hurt and struggle too, then God has the opportunity to shine through us. 

 It gives Him the opportunity to get all the glory when others see us holding onto Christ through what we are facing.  It gives God the power when others see the work that God has done in us to make us stronger in the midst of difficulty.  It gives God honor when we become real with others and show them that without Christ…we couldn’t do it.







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