Slam Those Doors!

Psalm 141:3 “Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips”



Wouldn’t it be great if God literally shut the door to our mouths when we are about to say something we shouldn’t? I know God probably wishes He could at times!

Throughout the day, how many times do you actually think about what you are saying? Some of us are better at this discipline than others, and then there are people like me! I’m one of those people who think after the fact…after I say the stupid comment, or speak the hurtful sarcasm, or speak the juicy gossip.

I am learning the art of slamming my door! I will tell you one thing for sure…IT IS HARD! When that certain someone pushes my buttons, or my kids cause my last nerve to go hay-wire…I have a choice. Do I leave my door open to expose the frailty of my humanness or do I slam the door on my flesh?

Slamming the door is not what fixes the problem, however. We must search our hearts and find out why we say the things we do. Are we bitter toward the person who we gossip about? Has a certain someone hurt you and you can’t seem to forgive them, so you show sarcasm? Maybe you need a day away from the kids to treat yourself to some pampering? Whatever the case may be, we must find out the thing that causes our doors to creak.

Although God doesn’t promise to shut the doors for us, He is there to help guard our doors. Today, let’s ask God to be our door keeper and watch over what we say, and bring us the conviction to slam the door when necessary!

5 thoughts on “Slam Those Doors!

  1. Another great post, Cherie and oh, so true. I think it all comes down to: Will I do or say what I want to do or say, or will I listen to the Holy Spirit inside of me and do what he says.


    1. That’s awesome Susan! I’m glad you came to Life Worth Serving! If you have any questions or need help in any way…please email me. You can find my emial address on the contact me tab.


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