Welcome to Life Worth Serving!  I am so glad you could stop by and read the stories of my messy hopefulness!  Over the years, the one thing I have learned is this: Life is messy!  It is full of disappointments, failures, joy, love, forgiveness, sadness, longing, regrets, achievements, dreams, forgetfulness and memories.  In the midst of life’s messy peaks and valleys, there we stand…the most highly intelligible creatures made… sometimes having a hard time figuring life out!

Life Worth Serving is not a place where you will find answers to life’s messes.  It’s a place where we can lay it all down and find a real God who isn’t afraid of the messes we find ourselves in.  It’s a place where a real God will get down and dirty with us and help us out of our mess.  Life Worth Serving is a place that we can be real, in a world where fake facades are rampant and masks are worn daily.  It’s a place where we can take off the masks and look into the eyes of our Creator to find a Life Worth Serving!

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